Author, Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader, Pianist

Sadly, Charlotte Kasl passed away on Saturday, August 7, 2021. She knew for the past few months that this was going to happen, and was at peace with it. We will be unable to ship any materials until her estate is settled, which is being worked on as I write this to you. If you paid via PayPal, I will be issuing refunds. I am hopeful that her books will be able to be purchased directly from her Publisher.

Please keep checking back with her website for updates as we proceed.

On another note, those of you wishing to purchase books in Canada: The postal rates on the website are not accurate for Canada. There is not a USPS book rate for Export, all packages must go priority mail. In my experience, one Yes You Can costs about $47.00 US to ship, 10 books runs $77.00 US to ship. I am hopeful that I can get the Publisher to find outlets in Canada to sell to. Again, we will keep the site updated.

Bill Belsom

The message that runs through all of Charlotte’s books and workshops is that of empowerment—to find your authentic voice, trust your internal wisdom, open yourself to new learning and understand yourself and others within a cultural context. Her 16-step Empowerment Model introduced in Many Roads, One Journey: Moving Beyond the Twelve Steps, offers a holistic, wellness approach for overcoming addiction, trauma and depression. It has been adopted throughout the Unites States and Canada.

Charlotte engages people in her books and workshops by intertwining psychology, feminism, sociology, Buddhism, Quaker teachings and other spiritual traditions. She is able to make complex ideas clear and easy to grasp. She presents material in a warm, compassionate, often humorous manner, involving the participants and making the materials at once personally accessible and applicable to everyday situations. Her books have been translated into 24 languages and have approximately 800,000 copies in print.

I wear the hat of psychotherapist, author, and teacher, but at my core, I am a peace and social justice activist. I believe the starting place for healing the planet is in our hearts and in the ways we practice respect, empathy, and understanding in all human relationships, including our relationship to ourselves. Ultimately our personal growth and empowerment are expressed through helping restore justice, peace and balance on the planet and coming to the deep awareness that we are one earth, one people.