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Many Roads, One Journey: The 16-step Empowerment Approach for Overcoming Addiction and Trauma

This workshop will help therapists and people recovering from addictions to understand the interrelated nature of addiction and trauma. Dr. Kasl will show how the 16-Step empowerment model addresses many of the needs of trauma survivors for a sense of mastery, healthy connections with others and to chart a personal course of healing and discovery.

The 16-Step empowerment model is positive, holistic and flexible based on love and power, not fear. It is a socially concsious approach that honors cultural differences and individual needs. The model provides an invaluable source of support and information for people wanting to build self-esteem, affirm their inner wisdom and address interrelated nature of all addictions.

This workshop will descibe the fundamentals of empowerment, and explore how the 16-Steps can be used to support women attaining sobriety and a self-respecting life. It will include numerous strategies for building self-esteem and casting out the voices of internalized oppression that stem from trauma, conditioning, racism, sexism and talk about the particular needs of women in “recovery”.

If the Buddha Got Stuck: The Zen and Art of Getting Unstuck in Love and Life

In this workshop we’ll explore the saboteurs, censors and discouraging inner voices that keep us from becoming our, most authentic courageous selves. We’ll do exercises to take on our dragons, increase our sense of deservedness, explore what it means to take care of ourselves, walk through fear (or do it anyhow), and reach out for help when we need it. This will be lively, uplifting and give you specific ways to open up your life.

If the Buddha Dated (or Married) – Relationships: The Heart of Recovery

Building on Buddhist principles for creating loving, authentic relationships, Dr. Kasl gives a clear and accessible guide to improving, revitalizing, and creating loving relationships. Dr. Kasl combines professional expertise with real-life stories of “successful” couples to define the “Buddha Union” – one that is harmonious with the path of awakening.

If the Buddha Dated (or Married) – The Zen and Art of Intimate Relationships and How They Help Us Heal From Addiction

Through a combination of key teachings of Buddhism, psychology, Sufi, and other spiritual traditions, this talk will show how people find and form intimate relationships that help them feel deeply connected and become more truly themselves. Including: understand differentiation and fusion; explore the daily practice of living and loving; how to make friends with conflict; when to look in your own mirror; the keys to keeping sexuality vital and alive; the difference between being close and being dependant.

 Yes, You Can! – A 16-Step Empowerment Approach to Overcoming Addictions

Teaches the fundamentals of empowerment and includes numerous strategies for finding one’s inner truths and building self-esteem. The 16-step approach intertwines steps to create affirming relationships, heal the physical body, bond in power, fine one’s strengths, trust one’s inner wisdom, and understand addiction and codependency in a cultural context.

Women, Sex, and Addiction: A Search for Love and Power

Will help women to recognize the symptoms of their addiction, explore the addictive thinking (sex equals love, etc.), learn self care, and find a model of sexuality that is truly born of their passion, love, wisdom, and creativity.

A Tapestry of Connections – Plenary

Authentic connections to ourselves, spirit and others are the true source of overcoming addiction and trauma. From the intricate interweaving of different brain functions, to accessing our feelings, to tapping our deepest wisdom, to bringing integrity and kindness into all our relationships, we form a tapestry of connections, each separate, yet interdependent.

Sexuality, Spirituality and Relationships

Explores sexuality as a source of love, power and spirituality and the role of passion in our lives. Teaches skills to: avoid fusion in relationships; to stay centered in the face of conflict and strong emotions. Give exercises to let go of past conditioning around sexuality and transform our core beliefs.

Overcoming Internalized Oppression/Depression: Naming and Releasing the Voices that Haunt our Minds

Helps participants recognize the double bind of internalized oppression from all forms of prejudice including sexism, racism, classism and homophobia. Explores how these oppressive voices live inside you, affect your self-esteem and relationships, and what you can do to release these negative voices from tour minds and find your authentic self.

Empowering Women So Treatment Works

Addresses the specific needs of women in overcoming addiction and codependency. Fundamentals of empowerment and becoming a healthy, evolved human being. Learn to discern between intruders, addictive voices, and internal wisdom. Explores the 16-Step empowerment model.


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