Women, Sex and Addiction
A Search for Love and Power


Women, Sex, and Addiction, A Search for Love and Power, shows women how they can learn to experience their sexuality as a source of love and positive power and sex as an expression that honors the soul as well as the body.


“This is one of the most sane, warm, wise books I’ve ever read…a chance for rebirth.” – Gloria Steinem

“Probably the single most significant text to date regarding women and sex addiction.”– Edward Armstrong, National Association of Sex Addiction Problems

“It really, really rocks!” – a reader from Dallas, Texas

“…an exquisitely written book… (that) invites you to look at the real struggle in life, which is the search for love and power.” ~ a reader from Ontario, Canada

“…so packed with insight and wisdom that it is to be consumed in small sips so that it may be absorbed completely.” – a U.S. reader

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Charlotte Kasl

Charlotte Kasl, MA, PhD
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