Intensive/Marathon Therapy

Intensive (Marathon) Psychotherapy

Intensive Psychotherapy – While weekly therapy can be tremendously helpful, there are times when we need to go deeper and have more intensive work to release trauma and break through tenacious patterns that keep us stuck. Dr. Kasl works with a combination of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy EMDR quantum psychology to help people get to the source of trauma and negative beliefs and release them from the nervous system at a cellular level. Dr. Kasl has developed this multi-faceted approach over twenty-five years of working with incest, abuse, trauma, psychosomatic symptoms, anxiety, depression and addiction. This work is appropriate for couples and individuals (sessions vary from 3 to 16 hours over a four day period.

Intensive Therapy is Helpful When:
► You have a lot of insight about yourself, but can’t seem to break away from destructive patterns that cause pain and keep you from intimacy;
► You need deep healing work on incest, trauma and abuse;
► You want to speed up the process of your own growth and healing;
► You have tenacious symptoms that are not alleviated with insight therapy: headaches, panic attacks, anxiety, compulsive behavior addictions;
► You are in a relationship that is on the brink of falling apart and you want to see if something can be done. You are in a relationship where you love each other but get caught in destructive patterns of hurting each other;
► You feel led to have intensive therapy.

Philosophy: Intensive psychotherapy is a creative process that varies with each individual or couple.

Charlotte Kasl

Charlotte Kasl, MA, PhD
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Licensed Professional
Clinical Counselor
Certified Addiction Specialist
Reiki Master

Contact Info P.O. Box 1302
Lolo, Montana
U.S. 59847
(406) 273-6080

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