Many Roads, One Journey
Moving Beyond 12 Steps


Many Roads, One Journey; Moving Beyond the 12 Steps, paves the way for a new and broader understanding of recovery that involves both personal and social awareness. It empowers individuals to find their own voice and their own sources of strength and spirituality to guide their healing. Combining careful analysis, moving stories, and Dr. Kasl’s own flexible 16 step alternative.


“I am a white male and I had to agree with most of Kasl’s feminist views on how the patriarchal system is destructive in many ways. This book highlights how to think for yourself.” – CJ, Sheep Ledge, Canada

“Her insight and compassion for women and other races/socio-economic groups is unbelievable! Her approach is intelligent and loving.” – Jeanie, a reader from Georgia

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Moving Beyond 12 Steps

Charlotte Kasl

Charlotte Kasl, MA, PhD
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Many Roads, One Journey: Moving Beyond the 12 Steps

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